Text Mining Medieval Mining Texts, T.M.M.M.T. for short, is an interdisciplinary research project at the University of Innsbruck funded by the call for proposals "go!digital NEXT GENERATION" of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The project has been running since January 2019 and ended in January 2022.

The emphasis of the research is put on two historical mining documents:

1: The „Verleihbuch der Rattenberger Bergrichter“ (TLA, Hs. 37) dated from 1460 to 1463

2: The „Schwazer Berglehenbuch“ (TLA, Hs. 1587) dated approx. 1515

The two manuscripts are of particular interest for late medieval / early modern mining in the regions of Schwaz and Rattenberg/Brixlegg (Tyrol, Austria), as they provide valuable information on mining rights and activities in the mining areas of these regions in the Tyrol.

The T.M.M.M.T. project aims to digitise and process the two manuscripts. This means that information on the legal relationships between persons, mine loans and mining. We are also trying to locate the historical pits and mining areas in the landscape. The central link for depicting the mutual relationships are names: Place names, pit names and personal names.

Project funded by: ÖAW go!Digital NEXT GENERATION